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Latest significant earthquakes
m5.1122km NW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia1 hr
m4.834km S of Kiska Volcano, Alaska4 hrs
m4.761km SSW of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islands5 hrs
m4.950km SSW of Molibagu, Indonesia9 hrs
m4.698km WNW of Tobelo, Indonesia9 hrs
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Your healthy skin germs stay put, despite cleaning 39 mins
House Speaker Paul Ryan Says He's Not Backing... 42 mins
N.C. Will Miss Deadline To Respond To Justice... 42 mins
OpenTextVoice: Meet The Algorithm That Knows How... 43 mins
OpenTextVoice: 3 Things The Presidential Race Can... 44 mins
Globtrotting With The Coolest Phone On The Planet... 45 mins
Widely used heart drug tied to dementia risk 45 mins
Ariel Winter responds to Chloe Grace Moretz's... 46 mins
GoPro Beats Low Expectations But Slide Continues 47 mins
Top U.S. House Republican Paul Ryan not ready to... 47 mins
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World News
Inside a nuclear submarine as tensions with Russia... 43 mins
Disaster survivors rescued from rubble -- in Kenya... 1 hr
US House Speaker Ryan 'can't back Trump' 1 hr
Who is Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr? 1 hr
Canadian wildfire explodes in size, forces more... 1 hr
North Korean military moves: What can the U.S. do? 1 hr
Eta Aquarids meteor shower peaks this week 1 hr
Nigeria's Buhari urges other nations to speed up... 1 hr
Iraqi PM vows to prevent another Green Zone... 1 hr
Mars and Earth are getting closer (for now) 1 hr
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US News
Los Angeles jury convicts 'Grim Sleeper' of 10... 56 mins
Sexual assault in U.S. military is underreported:... 1 hr
Man sprayed poison on open food at grocery stores,... 1 hr
FDA to extend tobacco regulations to e-cigarettes 1 hr
Choosing a Kentucky Derby winner 1 hr
Mars and Earth are getting closer (for now) 1 hr
Paul Ryan: 'I'm just not ready' to back Trump 1 hr
U.S. cracks down on e-cigarettes and cigars, bans... 1 hr
Manhunt under way for escapee from New Jersey... 1 hr
Pentagon: Sexual assault cases in the military... 1 hr
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Top U.S. House Republican Paul Ryan not ready to... 47 mins
House Speaker Ryan says he is not ready to endorse... 1 hr
Not over yet: Reid cautions Democrats relishing... 1 hr
Democrats must guard against over-confidence in... 3 hrs
Eyeing White House campaign, Trump hires... 3 hrs
White House says Congress has no reason to wait... 3 hrs
North Carolina lawmaker dismisses U.S. deadline to... 3 hrs
Republican Trump's new finance chair previously... 4 hrs
Republicans grapple with whether to back Trump for... 4 hrs
Scottish isle a world away from fireworks of... 4 hrs
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New fossils offer glimpse of primates stressed by... 1 hr
NASA TV to Broadcast Dragon Departure from... 1 hr
NASA Makes Dozens of Patents Available in Public... 1 hr
Primate fate: Chinese fossils illuminate key... 3 hrs
Important multicellularity gene found in pond scum 3 hrs
Trilobites: Where Can a Ph.D. Take You? Back to... 3 hrs
Space radar to assess Europe's historic sites 5 hrs
Research reveals potential origins of world's... 5 hrs
MPs to review 'Boaty' naming process 5 hrs
National Astronaut Day Launches with New... 5 hrs
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Oddly Enough
New Orleans residents to hold 'Sinkhole De Mayo'... 1 hr
Confused crow tries to eat rubber lining from car... 1 hr
Police: Man fleeing crash scene found with monkey... 3 hrs
Man wades into frigid water to rescue coyote... 3 hrs
KFC takes 'Finger Lickin' Good' literally with... 3 hrs
Photographer builds mini Jurassic Park for his pet... 3 hrs
French beer company to open dog-staffed London... 4 hrs
Wild deer gets head trapped in plastic light globe 5 hrs
Adorable baby beaver delights commuters at D.C.... 5 hrs
Florida pet store thief tried to hide snake in... 6 hrs
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