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Latest significant earthquakes
m4.674km NE of Castlepoint, New Zealand2 hrs
m4.718km SSW of Vallenar, Chile4 hrs
m4.791km NNW of Iquique, Chile7 hrs
m4.6141km SW of Tual, Indonesia9 hrs
m5.45km WSW of Volcano, Hawaii10 hrs
Ashburn, United States         

Top News
'Madden 19' : Every Official Screenshot Released... 1 hr
Madden 19 Screenshots 1 hr
OPEC struggles for deal to ease supply cuts as... 1 hr
'Madden 19' Presentation Additions Sound Like A... 1 hr
Perché Borghi e Bagnai non sono il... 2 hrs
Sophie Gradon: Friend says 'Love Island needs to... 2 hrs
On This Day, June 22: Nixon, Brezhnev pledge to... 2 hrs
Famous birthdays for June 22: Meryl Streep, Cyndi... 2 hrs
Sophie Gradon: ITV2 leads tributes to ex-Love... 2 hrs
Bomb threat closes London's Charing Cross station 2 hrs
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World News
Monitor says Syrian army drops barrel bombs in... 32 mins
Killings by security forces rife in Venezuela,... 39 mins
Russia says U.S. talks on strategic stability... 1 hr
Italy migrant row: Move to seize two Med rescue... 1 hr
Syrian Observatory: Syrian army drops barrel bombs... 1 hr
British police arrest man claiming to have a bomb... 1 hr
Taliban kill 16 Afghan soldiers, kidnap engineers... 2 hrs
As Najib holidays in Malaysia, his former mentor... 2 hrs
India police 'sorry' for lynching photo 2 hrs
In China, universities seek to plant 'Xi Thought'... 2 hrs
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US News
Uber driver was streaming Hulu show just before... 2 hrs
Reality Winner to change her plea on leaking... 4 hrs
U.S. accuses Chinese man of smuggling... 4 hrs
Father says little Honduran girl on Time cover was... 6 hrs
U.S. military may house immigrant children as... 7 hrs
U.S. State Department imposes visa ban on several... 8 hrs
O'Rourke: 'Racist element' to child detentions 8 hrs
Ex-DHS secretary: No formal policy of family... 8 hrs
Exclusive: Tesla to close a dozen solar facilities... 9 hrs
Conservative U.S. commentator Charles Krauthammer... 9 hrs
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U.S. military may house immigrant children as... 7 hrs
Conservative U.S. commentator Charles Krauthammer... 9 hrs
Trump tries to defuse immigrant crisis, but policy... 10 hrs
Melania Trump's jacket mixes message during visit... 11 hrs
U.S. spending bill would halt transfer of F-35s to... 11 hrs
Trump: North Korea 'total denuclearization'... 11 hrs
Majority of Americans say Trump should agree to... 12 hrs
Despite Trump order, border child separations... 12 hrs
U.S. House OKs farm bill with major food stamps... 12 hrs
SEC judge appointments unconstitutional, U.S. high... 12 hrs
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NASA to study converting centers into FFRDCs 6 hrs
Cyan colour hidden ingredient in sleep 9 hrs
Cyber firm catches Chinese hackers probing US... 9 hrs
SpaceX wins $130 million military launch contract... 10 hrs
Blue Origin plans to start selling suborbital... 10 hrs
The Final Hours of the Iceman’s Tools 10 hrs
C-Com, University of Waterloo test hardware for... 11 hrs
New species of extinct gibbon found in tomb of... 12 hrs
Mystery extinct ape found in ancient Chinese tomb 12 hrs
Gravitation lens yields most precise test of... 13 hrs
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Oddly Enough
Bank of England holds special vote: to decide... 10 hrs
Rat breaches bank ATM in India, eats $18,000 worth... 13 hrs
Watch: Anaconda slowly slithers across Brazil road 13 hrs
Watch: Fish spotted swimming in road amid flash... 14 hrs
Watch: British tourists lose fish to thieving... 14 hrs
Watch: Mother bear and cubs swim in backyard pool 14 hrs
Watch: Speed texter breaks Guinness record at... 15 hrs
Look: Lottery winner took two days to discover $1... 15 hrs
Watch: Cover descends to help driver cheat toll 16 hrs
Watch: Yoga class record broken for International... 16 hrs
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