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Olympian-Turned-Politician Advertises to Potential Voters on Pornhub (Yes, the Porn Website)

A Danish politician has taken his voter outreach to unusual lengths ahead of the country’s upcoming general elections, using the porn website Pornhub to advertise to potential supporters. Joachim B. Olsen, a former Olympic shot putter and now a member of parliament for Denmark’s Liberal Alliance party, has taken out an ad stating “vote for Jokke,” using his nickname, according to CNN. The tongue-in-cheek ad also reportedly makes a reference to Pornhub’s intended purpose, urging users to go vote for Olsen when they are finished. According to CNN, Pornhub draws 100 million visits a day, with Olsen’s native Denmark providing the 28th highest source of traffic to the website. The Danish elections are scheduled for June 5. “Half of the internet is porn. And you have to be where the voters are. Also on a porn site,” Olsen said Sunday during an interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Speaking with another Danish news outlet, he explained: “You need to get out everywhere, so we thought it could be amusing with an ad on Pornhub. Half the internet is porn and you need to be where the voters are — including a porn site.” RELATED: Danish Royals Return to Summer Olympics in Rio 16 Years After First Meeting at Sydney Games CNN reports that Olsen said his campaign is “95 percent serious,” with the Pornhub advertisement simply a “fun feature.” He echoed that in a Facebook post on Sunday, writing, according to a translation: “I just hope you get a good laugh. there must also be room for all the serious political messages.” Before taking office in 2011, Olsen competed for Denmark in the 2004 Summer Olympics, where he won a silver medal, and again in the 2008 Summer Olympics. (People.com Latest News) More More

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