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Pregnant Kehlani Says She's 'Really Excited' for the 'Extreme Pain' and 'Beauty' of Childbirth

Kehlani is still a few months away from welcoming her first child, but the singer can’t wait to see her baby girl — or surrender to the “extreme pain” of actually giving birth. “This is weird but I’m really excited to birth,” Kehlani, 23, shared on Thursday, as she debuted her new song with Ty Dolla $ign, “Nights Like This,” on Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1. “I’m really excited to experience that, just because I’ve always been interested in the birth process my whole life,” she added. “If I had enough free time and I wasn’t wrapped up in music, I’d probably be a doula or something.” “But just to feel what the surrender feels like — completely surrendering to the entire process of being in extreme pain but also extreme beauty, it’s very ceremonial for me. So I’m really excited for that.” Sweetly, the mother-to-be added that she’s “also really excited to just see my baby.” Want all the latest pregnancy and birth announcements, plus celebrity mom blogs? Click here to get those and more in the PEOPLE Parents newsletter. View this post on Instagram my cypher keeps movin like a rolling stone. #fruitful A post shared by Kehlani (@kehlani) on Dec 30, 2018 at 11:46am PST //www.instagram.com/embed.js RELATED: Kehlani Is Pregnant! Singer Shows Off Baby Bump and Confirms She’s Expecting a Daughter Kehlani, who announced she was pregnant in October, went on to share that as a public figure, she does have her concerns about welcoming her daughter into the world. “I think just the pressure of me being this quote, unquote, famous celebrity person who has always been open, that now has to consider protection. What if she does not want that?” Kehlani remarked. “So I just want to make sure whatever she wants, however she wants to live her life, is how she gets to do that regardless of how I live my life, or regardless of how I navigate through my space.” View this post on Instagram been hesitant to be all preggo on instagram because it seems to invoke some kind of crazy negativity in a lot of people and i want to protect mine and her energy alike. we are so healthy, happy, and abundant tho! we are more present than i have ever been alone, more strong than i have ever been on my own. 6 months and i feel like time is flying. this is my most favorite journey i have ever embarked on, the greatest path i have ever taken. navigating today’s day of mourning with the intention to heal up with loved ones, share nourishment in the form of yummy food and laughter, and gently remember history & the never ending fight of our ancestors to this day. thank you for everyone who has ever came before me, and love and strength to those who come next. not celebration, just giving thanks. gratitude always, in all ways. love you! (thank you @buddhajewelryorganics for the ear adornment i feel so royal!!!) A post shared by Kehlani (@kehlani) on Nov 22, 2018 at 11:47am PST //www.instagram.com/embed.js The singer also shared that while her new song with Ty Dolla $ign will be featured on her upcoming mixtape, which is dropping in February, she has a full album in the works — which she explains is “basically a gift to my daughter.” “It’s my parents’ story articulated into mine, articulated into a gift for my daughter, so she knows where she comes from,” Kehlani explained, adding that it’s been “a really heavy load to process while I’m pregnant.” “Due to the story of my parents, actually, and where they’re at in life right now, it’s been a really big energetic purge for me to not only draw out of myself, but attempt to obtain the stories from them. My father isn’t here, and my mom is doing her thing, so we’d have to go find her to get these stories to do that. So, that was becoming just a serious thing,” she explained. While discussing her family’s story to The Fader, Kehlani shared that her father died when she was just a toddler, and shortly after her birth, her mother, who had been on the run from the police at the time, was sent back to jail. The singer went on to be raised by her aunt. RELATED VIDEO: Inside Jana Kramer’s ‘Sweet’ Monogram Filled Nursery for Son Jace: ‘I Love his Name Everywhere’ In October, the singer revealed that she was four months pregnant in a since-deleted post, alongside a series of smiling shots in which she showed off her growing baby bump in a floral print bikini top and low-waisted pants. “If you know me, you know I’ve dreamt about motherhood since i was very young. when asked what my goals are, it’s always the idea of a big healthy happy family & whatever comes along is a plus,” the “Honey” singer wrote on Instagram. “I am so honored to be given this gift by spirit, creator, and an amazing partner whom i trust with my body and life after a very traumatic experience that had me afraid of interacting with men as a whole for what i was sure would be forever (i’ll tell that story when it’s time),” she wrote, without revealing the identify of her child’s father. Kehlani went on to offer up some sweet words to her daughter on the way. “I knew sharing something so personal and precious could bring stress into my world but there isn’t a word anyone would say my way that could take away from this. Dearest little girl, I am so proud to be your mommy,” she wrote. “I cannot wait to meet you, i know you will be 50,000 times more special than I can even imagine at this moment.” Continuing, she added, “I am happy to document this journey and feel the freedom any pregnant person should. I’m looking forward to sharing my little world with you all… my partnership with my very best friend, our journey of conception, my choice for a natural home birth with my AMAZING midwives at @parteramidwifery and eventually… the little pumpkin!” “I am now a HOME. 4 months and counting with you, angel of mine,” Kehlani continued. “SHE DONT WANNN HIDE NO MO we’re so ready for you mija!” (People.com Latest News) More More

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