Duo Electric Guest Drops Colorful 'More' Music Video and Talks Fun-Filled Album KIN

With Electric Guest, you can’t ask for “More!” The electro-pop duo just dropped their third album KIN — and with it, they exclusively shared the fun-filled music video for their single “More” with PEOPLE. Comprising Matthew Compton and Asa Taccone, the duo is sure to brighten moods with their electrifyingly happy new tracks and magnetic visuals. The music video for “More” follows Taccone in a one-take style clip as he transitions between different music video styles, only to “ultimately go back to my regular reality” at the end. “My family flew down from the Bay Area and was on the sidelines for each take cheering me on,” Taccone tells PEOPLE. “My loud ass sister would be like, ‘You got this baby boy!’ during the dance takes. That’s why I’m grinning so much.” KIN comes two years after the duo dropped Plural, which featured standout tracks “Oh Devil” and “Dear To Me.” Earlier this year, the group were the only guests (pun intended) on Carly Rae Jepsen’s album with “Feels Right.” On KIN, the two explored more of a pop sensibility with the record’s relatable lyrics and catchy beats. RELATED ARTICLE: Electric Guest’s Asa Taccone: 5 Things to Know About the ‘Oh Devil’ Singer “This one is more of an ode to the early 2000s R&B that I grew up listening to,” says Taccone. “Things seemed a little simpler in America then, at least on the surface. So we wanted to make a pop album that had a lightness but that was still saying something.” “This record is more of an exploration into the music we grew up listening to and we’re influenced by, its tone is a little more fun/party than the last record,” Compton added. Along with singles “More,” “Play With Me” and “Dollar,” the duo cites “Max It Out” and “1 4 Me” as two of their favorites tracks on KIN. “It’s fun,” adds Taccone of the album. “As corny as that sounds, it’s the best word to describe it. We tried not to be too serious with it. It’s a reminder that there’s still room for joy even during difficult times.” “It has a classic quality that transports me to a different era while still feeling modern,” says Compton of “1 4 Me.” “It’s also a track that we pulled out all of the stops writing for a brass section and strings.” Supporting their album, the duo is gearing up to head on a world tour, hitting stops through February. And as they prepare to hit the road, both Compton and Taccone know exactly what they need to bring along with them. “Everyone always says how hard it is to eat healthy on tour but I find that I’m healthier usually,” says Taccone. “I try to recreate my little comforts that I have in my real life on tour so I listen to the same rain sounds on my iPad to go to sleep.” “It’s the little things that bring comfort,” adds Compton. “For someone like me who has a hard time falling asleep while traveling, something as basic as a pillow from home can be crucial! One of the best things about traveling can be exposure to amazing food. Some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten have been on tour and usually in a place that I’d never get to travel to. To all the chefs out there, we will indulge…invite us to your restaurant!!” (People.com Latest News) More More

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